Rental Cars in Pachuca, A Natural Destination.

Rent a car in Pachuca and start visiting this place that allows you to feel this unique experience . Begin by visitng the “Corridor de la Montaña”, area that promotes the practice of camping and extreme sports, full of incredible scenarios. In addition to his Hispanic heritage sites as Metzquititlán or their mining villages like Huasca of Ocampo. With your car rental in Pachuca visit the Temple of San Francisco, which white facade that has some baroque details, and inside you can admire an oil painting that represent the Asuncion, which is kept in perfect condition. If you want to shop you cannot stop going with your car rental in Pachuca.

Avoid distressing surprises!

Our rates include all insurances & all taxes:
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Theft Protection
  • Medical Expenses in Case of an Accident
  • One Free Additional Driver
  • Legal Assistance
  • All Mexican Taxes Included

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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Pachuca

Mexico Car Rental as one with a domestic wide network of associates, we have the affair of offering the best rate for the rental car business, don’t get the wrong impression with fake advertisement that most rental car companies tend to use, where when quoting your car in Mexico, they offer you a “very low” rate and finally you end up paying a higher price than the one that was quoted at the beginning.

Mexico Car Rental provides services rental cars & vans in Mexico and in more than 70 cities and beaches of our beautiful nation. Mexico Car Rental is the first low-cost car rental company in Mexico

Mexico Car Rental

Rent cars in Mexico and visit Pachuca, the largest city of the state of Hidalgo, more than just a city. With MEXICO CAR RENTAL just enjoy the drive with your friends or family. We are the first low cost car rental company in Mexico, our prices are so affordable and also, our rates are: ALL-INCLUSIVE

MEXICO CAR RENTAL is primary rental car company in the rental car business, who worries for your economy, therefore; the agents have formed strategic commercial associates to cover the need of rental cars throughout the Republic of Mexico, this, with the purpose of break down costs and offer a very economic rental car service, guaranteeing total satisfaction in your rental car in Mexico.

Mexico Car Rental’s as well as the commercial associates around Mexico are attentive to how important it has become for someone to have a car rented for that business trip or vacation, therefore Mexico Car Rental has decided to offer the most economic prices guaranteed, besides, our rates are all-inclusive: free mileage, all insurances and all taxes. Mexico Car Rental is the only rental car company that works under the All-inclusive low-cost rental concept for that is why, you don’t need to pay more than what you are being quoted.

Other rental car companies offer “cheap” prices for rental cars and behind it there are extra expenses you are not aware of, we invite you not to fall for tricky advertisement. Most rental car companies in Mexico use low rates as hook & when you arrive at the counter or to drop off your car they charge you twice the amount quoted at the start.

Let us to offer you the best experience in a car rental in Mexico and start saving time and money. Remember that our specialty in Mexico car rental is to rent cars at the lowest price.

Car Rental in more than 70 destinations in Mexico.


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