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We guarantee the best price on your car rental in Mexico.

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All-inclusive car rentals, (unlimited mileage, all insurances & Mexican taxes).

We have a presence in over 70 cities of the Republic of Mexico. Rent a car with us for business or leisure.

We welcome all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Chilpancingo

Mexico Car Rental together with its partners takes you to the best festivals in the Republic of Mexico for just a few dollars per day. We provide the best service in the market. Don’t hesitate to go with us if you wish to travel. 

With Mexico Car Rental you will not have these types of bad experiences. We have thousands of satisfied clients whom have rented vehicles with us and have recommended our services; we offer cars, minivans and vans for rental in over 70 cities around Mexico. Remember, we are the first car rental company in Mexico with the lowest all-inclusive rates.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Rent a car in Mexico and visit the city of Chilpancingo! In Mexico Car Rental has every little thing you are looking for a rental car and much more because, it’s All-Inclusive, therefore, all you have to do is sit in your car, drive and enjoy your trip. 

We want you to know you can feel safe traveling with us. Our services are all-inclusive and unlimited mileage. We have several years of experience in the businesses, which will for sure, guarantee your total satisfaction. 

Chilpancingo is a beautiful place full of festivals and traditions. It is best If you visit this destination during the holidays (either religious or public festivities). It offers traditional folkloric dances to its visitors, such as La Danza de los Tecoloteros, which is the oldest folkloric dance of Chilpancingo. It is heavily promoted on Chilpancingo’s oldest districts. 

Chilpancingo isn’t all about festivals it is a very cultural city and it offers to the culture lovers (or children) museums to visit, one of the most popular museums there is within this city is La Avispa Interactive Museum , which main mission is to promote education. It also has the Regional Museum where you can appreciate and learn a lot about the nation’s history. Make your way to these interesting places, it’s worth the visit. 

Chilpancingo’s gastronomy is a mixture among the French, Spanish and Indigenous cuisine, dominating the previously mentioned, since pretty much all the dishes are corn-based. But you can definitely enjoy typical Mexican food like the red pozole; a delicious broth which main ingredients is hominy, meat (usually pork); chili peppers and seasonings.

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