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Being the capital city of Tamaulipas state it is located in the western central region of the previously mentioned state. This city is ranked among the most populated places of Tamaulipas, leaving behind Matamoros and Reynosa.

Ciudad Victoria has a lot of things to offer to its tourists, for those who love nature; the Recreational Park Tataman opens its doors for you, enjoy your stay with natural sorroundings. Or if you are looking for something a little bit more educational, Ciudad Victoria has the Planetarium at the Recreational and Cultural Park in Siglo XXI.

Just like Chihuahua, Chihuahua or Ciudad Juarez it is, at some point a business destination, but that is not all it offers, many tourists come here because they can find many Eco touristic places to learn how the indigenous civilization used to live there. If you want to learn more about the lifestyle of these indigenous groups visit Tammapul Pyramid or the fossils at the Mammoth Valley in Xicotencatl.

Ciudad Victoria offers unique local cuisine, it is the birthplace of the famous Mexican ”Gorditas” which are handmade “cake”-like nixtamalized corn flavor tyipical dish stuffed with different stews like green chili sauce, mole, beans, meat, etc. or the well-known Asado de Puerco, Ciudad Victoria style which are delicious pork cubes covered with sauce made with ancho chilly, bay leaves, garlic and salt. Taste one of these, you will love them. Guaranteed.

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