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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Colima

In Mexico Car Rental jointly with a nation-wide partners network we have the ambitious plan of offering the best rental car rate in all of Mexico, Go where you have never been before with just a couple of dollars. 

Mexico Car Rental provides rental cars and vans in Mexico in more than 70 cities and beaches of our beautiful country, Mexico. Mexico Car Rental is the first low-cost car rental company in Mexico.

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Colima is the capital of the state with the same name, Its location is in the western side of the Republic, no so far from the Pacific Coast. This city is known by the name “City of Palms” because; banana and coconut palms are everywhere. It is a very beautiful destination to visit pretty much any time of the year because the weather is pleasant pretty much all year long. 

Colima offers activities for all kinds of need, if you just want to relax head towards Colima’s springs If you don’t like cold water or you feel really tired and want to start your following day full of energy The thermal springs Agua caliente (hot water in Spanish) will fit your needs perfectly. 

You can also see many things at Jardin Libertad, the main plaza within the heart of the city. Admire a row of arches on the north side of the location called Portal Medellin and on the south side Portal Morelos, there os a Cathedral on the east side; the neighbor construction is the amazing City Hall building. Enjoy the weather of Colima while you’re there. 

Colima’s gastronomy is the city’s tradition, it has a unique style, plus, it has quite a variety of food to eat, you start by tasting the sopitos which has ground beef with tomato sauce in small dough tortillas, served with chopped onions, shredded cabbage sliced radishes and fresh cheese. Other dishes you may taste is the pork pozole, served dry and with hominy. They are figer-licking good.

  You can also visit some of the archeological sites this destination has to offer like: La Campana, El Chanal, just to mention some, each of them tells you a very interesting story about Colima or its first settlers.

Let us to offer you the best experience in a car rental in Mexico and start saving time and money. Remember that our specialty in Mexico car rental is to rent cars at the lowest price.

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