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Mexico Car Rental Group - Car Rental in Huatulco

We want you to take the vacations of your dreams starting by leasing an automobile with Mexico Car Rental. We offer the best rental car tariffs in the Republic of Mexico, it is guaranteed! Start you trip with the right foot! With the right rental car agency! 

We are super sure you will not find other rates this attractive and, in case you do, we dare to say we overmatch it! For sure. Now, what are you waiting for? We anxiously await your call.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Huatulco is a touristic place in development, it is located on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, well- known for its nine bays, which is the main touristic attraction of this destination, which by the way its real name is Bahías de Huatulco, but people just call it Huatulco. 

Huatulco is not only a beach destination, it also possesses historic sites, for example: La Entrega beach is the location where, in January 20th 1831 Gral Insurgent Vicente Guerrero was betrayed by Francisco Picaluga & was executed by a firing squad days later. On the present day, Huatulco is a very important ecological reserve beach. 

Speaking of beaches, La Entrega has recently become people number one favorite place for aquatic activities such as scuba-diving or snorkeling. The waves are crystal clear calm and since they are crystal clear you can see the coral reefs and enjoy the fish watching of a vast number of fishes.

Huatulco is home of amazing archeological sites, like the Bocona del Rio Copalita, a complex and museum that has easy access just five miles away from town. It shows the ancient boundaries between the Mixtec and Zapotec areas. Plus it shows buildings such as the Templo Mayor, Templo de la Serpiente and the Ball Court Room. 

Furthermore, here in Mexico Car Rental you won’t get lied and you will pay what the quoting system shows our rates are all inclusive, this means it has all insurances and taxes!

Aeropuerto Internacional, Carretera Costera Salina KM. 237 S/N Loc.15 Col. El Zapote Municipio de Santa Maria C.P.70980 / Huatulco / Oaxaca
Centro - Plaza Madero
Centro - Plaza Madero
Calle Carrizal #603 L. 103, Plaza el Madero, Sector H. Santa Cruz Huatulco, C.P. 70989 / Huatulco / Oaxaca
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