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Jalapa comes from Nahuatl Xillapan where “Xalli” means sand and “apan” means river or spring, which together means “River of sand”. The foundation of Jalapa is, to this day, unknown but, some say that such event took place around 1313, when Tenochtitlan was founded as well, according to the legend.

Jalapa is the head municipality of the state of Veracruz, which it's also its capital. It is nicknamed City of Flowers or the Veracruz Athena. Its climate differs but its humid. The temperature goes from 34.3 Celsius to 5 or 10 Celsius (by the morning). But the average temperature is 18 C. 

Jalapa played a very important role in the Mexican history, Veracruz, was founded by the Spaniard Hernan Cortez, therefore it has a lot of history Jalapa possesses the Anthropology Museum, which is something the people from Jalapa are very proud to have, since it is the second largest museum just after the National Anthropology Museum of Mexico City. 

If you are looking for more active recreational things to do, Jalapa's nature offers a wild side. Just outside the city you can spot people with life vests, ropes, helmets, and rows. Filobobos River is frequently visited due to its rapid falls during the months of June and November the river is 24 kilometers long with a light to moderate flow of water. 

Veracruz’s food are mainly fish-based/seafood, typically with hot sauce, if are travelling to Jalapa you must try the Camarones a la Diabla; the chipotle sauce crab, the traditional soup prepared with serrano chili or the huachinango, Veracruz style, cooked with garlick; onions, olives, & tomato.

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