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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Manzanillo

Mexico Car Rental is a rental car agency that works with other partners in Mexico. We offer you the best rate in car rental in the country. Avoid dislikeable surprises, falling in misleading marketing special offers from other competitors that advertise irrational low-rates for a car rental, and at the end you pay double the amount you were told to pay. 

Other car hire companies offer “affordable” prices for rental cars and behind it there are extra expenses you are not aware of, we invite you not to fall for tricky advertisement. Most rental car companies in Mexico use low rates as hook & when you arrive at the counter or to drop off your car they charge you twice the amount quoted at the start.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Its name comes from the tree Hippomannimancinella colloquially known as Manchineel from the Euphorbiaceae family which fruit is poisonous, just like latex, this plant is common on the region. Being close to this plant for a while causes Urticaria 

Since 1957, Manzanillo is known by the name of "Sailfish Capital of the World". It has hosted several international & domestic fishing competitions. Due to its excellent hotels, and restaurants that continues to meet the demands of not only international but also, domestic tourism. It was the third port established by Spaniards during the New Spain period. 

This beautiful place offers its visitors a tropical savanna climate. On the hot season (from June to October) the average temperature is 28.3 °C and humidity is high. On November to May, temperature drops to a cool 24 °C. 

In Manzanillo you can find copper deposits in Ceddro, Veladero de Camotlan, Jalipa. Marble is extracted mainly from Santa Rita. Salt is a self product of marine coast and it operates in Colomos.

Manzanillo is a well-known resort destination. But, that is not the only thing this destination is known for. It was the first shipping yard to open in Latin American in 1531 & nowadays it is the most important Mexican seaport. This location is in the central pacific coast of Mexico. It offers its tourist majestic natural landscapes, several beach activities as well as ecotourism and adventurous sport exercises. 

Since “Sailfish Capital of the World” is the “other name “of Manzanillo… That’s right! Seafood is the specialty of the house you can try delicious spicy shrimps, of course, sailfish and garlic fried lobster.

Aeropuerto Internacional, Carretera Manzanillo-Barra de Navidad Km.42, counter en area de arrendadoras C.P. 28219 / Manzanillo / Colima
Blvd. Costero Miguel de la Madrid #1570, Col. Salahua, C.P. 28869 / Manzanillo / Colima
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