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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Matamoros

Mexico Car Rental takes you to a beautiful business city of Matamoros, the ideal place to make business since it is a boarder city with Brownsville, United States. Rent a car with us and take your personal goals to the next level. 

Our services are provided with an all-inclusive concept and, unlimited mileage, so, don't be afraid of putting the pedal to the metal. We offer all sizes of vehicles for rent to an unbeatable price; if you find a better one we overmatch it!

Mexico Car Rental Group

Matamoros is localized in Rio Grande's southern bank, just across United States' border city of Brownsville, Texas. It is the second most populated city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.It offer a cutting edge infrastructure to carry out all kinds of conferences, expos, conventions, as well as bilingual and professional customized assistance. 

Matamoros is more than just a business destination. Even though it has from little to none evidence of history, it offers its visitors an interesting Museum: the Agrarian Mexican Museum, the institution was built in the exact same location the first land distribution took place in Mexico. The exhibit is the only one of its kind in the country & it shows explicatory bullets of great collection agricultural tools, as well as the weaponry that are part of Mexico's history that we know today.

If you want to get a souvenir, Mercado Juarez (Juarez Market in Spanish) is the place you are looking for. In this place you will find all kinds of things, especially local handmade objects and anything related to leather: sombreros, belts, jackets, even boots. This Market also has its own history; it all began with a couple of merchants on the XIX century. With time passing by, a building was established, but, due to the constant conflicts in 1933. It was destroyed and later rebuilt. Nowadays, is one of the biggest markets in Matamoros. 

Matamoros offer a great variety of flavors, you can taste from the traditional taquitos to chain restaurants of international cuisine or specialized in gourmet. You can also taste delicious grilled meat as well as fish and seafood, alongside with a refreshing cold Mexican national beer.

/ Matamoros / Tamaulipas
Hotel Holiday Inn
Hotel Holiday Inn
Calle Pedro Cardenas #5001 col. Expofiesta Norte, C.P 87396 Matamoros ,Tamaulipas / Matamoros / Tamaulipas
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