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Mexico Car Rental Group - Rental cars in Oaxaca

Lease a car and visit one of the most amazing destinations of Mexico. Mexico Car Rental provides the best rental car service in the country, guaranteed! We are sure you won't go wrong with us, we offer all-inclusive rates with unlimited mileage. 

Our rental cars & vans in Mexico are the most complete there are. And we are available on more than 70 beaches and other destinations of the nation. Mexico Car Rental is the first low-cost car rental agency in Mexico

Mexico Car Rental Group

Oaxaca: Food, music, beach, colors, archeology, architecture, nature, culture, traditions, hospitality, bars, anything you can associate with the word Mexico you will find here, some say Oaxaca is the spiritual reflection of Mexico. Being a city with unarguable native roots, Oaxaca saw the arrival of the first indigenous president in the history of the continent... Don Benito Juarez Garcia. 

Visit Monte Alban, an archeological site established by the Zapotec civilization on 250 B.C., upon a mountain that was technically restored in order to build a grand plaza and several pyramid-shape building. Recent investigations revealed that this city worked as a sort of medicine school & political/religious center. Both; the beautiful landscapes it offers the tourists and this archeological site are part of the touristic attractions in Oaxaca. 

Oaxaca hosts one of the most important festivals, which demonstrates the admirable culture exchange and the good will between the 16 ethnic groups that live in 8 regions of Oaxaca: The Gelagetza. This celebration has been annually held since 1932. Its origins is a remembrance of the peace pact between the Mixtec and Zapotec civilization. You can admire the folkloric dance and colorful regional costumes. 

You can enjoy joyful music on the Main square of Oaxaca; perhaps there is no other main plaza has cheerful and colorful as this one. Here you can find all kinds of merchendise, ballons, candies, and handcrafts for Salem food. You can also take an afternoon break with a warm cup of coffee or a refreshing beer.

Aeropuerto Internacional, Carretera Oaxaca-Puerto Angel Km. 7.5 interior del aeropuerto, zona arrendadoras, Sta. Cruz Xoxocotlan, C.P. 71230 / Oaxaca / Oaxaca
Mariano Matamoros #101B Ruta Independencia, Centro Historico de Oaxaca de Juarez, C.P. 68000 / Oaxaca / Oaxaca
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