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Mexico Car Rental Group - Car Rental in Poza Rica

Rent a car in Mexico and visit Poza Rica. Mexico Car Rental. Get to your destination faster, safer and don't worry for the insurances and taxes, because our fees are All-inclusive! 

Mexico Car Rental is Mexico's recent car rental brand that is concerns about your economy, our executives have created strategic commercial associates to distribute the need of cars throughout the Republic of Mexico so the cost can be broken down and offer car to very accessible economical prices. We have many years of experience that guarantees you total satisfaction in the car rental business in Mexico.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Poza Rica is located north of the state of Veracruz; it is a main urban nucleus of the north side of the state. The zone is jointly formed by other populations, neighborhoods industrial and commercial areas etc. 

If you are considering on spending some days at the beach, or just enjoy them during daylight Barra de Cazones is a very relaxing place. Despite the fact that is not so populated, in recent years, it has inclined towards tourism, therefore you won't have a hard time finding where to stay or eat something delicious, the beaches of this beautiful town are quite pleasant and calmed. Ideal to go for a swim, snorkel or dive. 

Just 17 kilometers away from Poza Rica you can find the most important pre-Hispanic city of the Totonac Culture: El Tajin. The most amazing structure is the Niche Pyramids, formed by 365 of them. Besides it has 17 playbill games, being the biggest amount of games a place can offer. In the month of March, some activities take place at Tajin's peak, near the Takilhsukut Park. 

You can also visit the recent remodeled Americas Park, also known as el Cerro del Abuelo, you will truly enjoy the visit. If offers an amazing view of the city, where you can gaze at oil wells and skylights. That is not the only thing you can contemplate, you can also stare at many beautiful flags of the American Continent and monuments as well.
Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas #1023 Col. Ignacio de la Llave (esquina con calle Heriberto Jara, en frente agencia VW), C.P. 93327 / Poza Rica / Hidalgo
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