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We have a presence in over 70 cities of the Republic of Mexico. Rent a car with us for business or leisure.

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Mexico Car Rental Group – Rental cars in Puerto Escondido

Mexico Car Rental connects with rental cars & vans in Mexico and in more than 70 cities and beaches of our beautiful nation. Mexico Car Rental is the first low-cost car rental agency in Mexico. 

A group of associates and Mexico Car Rental have committed to charge the most accessible amounts for rental car services. Don’t; miss the opportunity of traveling long distances for a minor amount of money. Avoid falling into false marketing special offers from other rental car companies that advertise misinformed propaganda, inviting you to "spend" less and at the end you spend double the original amount.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Puerto Escondido is an ideal place to relax you can start by visiting Puerto Angelito. Why? Because it has fine white sand, warm water, little waves and this makes it the perfect destination if you are looking for a place to do aquatic activities, people from all ages can do aquatic exercises; you can do snorkeling, and if you do not have the proper equipment of no equipment at all, don't worry, you can rent all accessories right there. 

55 kilometers away from Puerto Escondido you will find a natural paradise where, when hunting turtles became illegal, it got populated with turtles and it because a touristic attraction, it is now one of the main places to protect the sea turtle. You can also visit the Turtle Center of Mexico. The center offer suitable tanks and it shows turtles for all ages. A beautiful place to appreciate the marine life of these marvelous creatures. 

You can find a very peculiar beach 70 kilometers away from Puerto Escondido: the Zipolite beach. Why is it peculiar? Well, that is because it is a nudist beach, it was established like so, during the 1970s and nowadays is ranked the best nudist beach in the whole country. The name means "Beach of the dead" in zapoteco dialect, quite freaky name for a beach isn't it? That is because a long time ago, (the legend says), that beach used to be a graveyard. Nevertheless, you will be amazed due to the scenary this destination has to offer. 

74 kilometers west of Puerto Escondido you can find the National Lagunas de Chacahua Park, this place is formed by a series of lagoons with mangroves located near Playa Pacifico and places to grab a bite. You can ride a boat and take a ride around the mangroves, and visit the crocodile breeder. You can even camp in the virgin beaches, giving this place that special something.

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