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Located in the middle of mountains, there is a colonial city, perfect to ride a bike or take a stroll, due to its small size. There are all sorts of thing to see there, there is the Governor’s house, the Temple of la Cruz del Zacate, or the Cathedral of Pure Conception, also, you can find several museums, like the Cuatro Pueblos institutions or the Amado Nervo Museum. 

This beautiful temple former monastery of la Cruz del Zacate, where you can find the famous cross considered to be miraculous, it was in this location where it was drawn on the floor covered with grass, therefore the Franciscans decided to build a temple. The locals still think it does miracles, it was established, in 1540 in accordance to a plaque within the building. 

One of the most beautiful sceneries, Tepic offers can be found in a volcanic crater. It's a pond of fresh water, where you can practice water sports like: windsurf, or water ski, you can even find hot spring water around to take a bath. But, it is worth visiting this place just to take a good look at the scenery. 

Or visit the Regional Museum of Tepic, this institution shows the different traditions of the pre-Hispanic Nayarit, through seven rooms, some of the rescued traditions are: the Tiros Tomb, or the Aztlalan culture, it was built with sun-dried brick it is a building from the XVIII century.

Aeropuerto de Tepic Area Comercial el Pantanal Xalisco, Nayarit / Tepic / Nayarit
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