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Mexico Car Rental and other rental car companies associated with it around Mexico have the purpose of offering you the best rate in car rental in Mexico. We don´t fraud anybody! Avoid eye opening situations, falling into misleading marketing hot deals from other car rental companies that advertise irrational low-rates so you can rent and at the end you pay more than what you were told to cover. 

With Mexico Car Rental you will not have these kind of unpleasant eye-opening situations. We have thousands of satisfied clients whom have rented vehicles with us and have recommended our services, we offer cars, minivans and vans for rental in over 70 cities around Mexico. Remember, we are the first car rental company in Mexico with the lowest all-inclusive rates.

Mexico Car Rental Group

Visit the happiest place on Earth, Tijuana. This amazing boarder city has a lot to offer, a very humble municipality; it is the second largest city in the state of Baja California. Just a few minutes away from the most transited boarder to the United States of America. 

Visit the Cultural Center of Tijuana (CECUT in Spanish) or known by the local people as "La Bola"(due to is round shape). This center offers a projection room that is constantly showing documentaries or has some sort of event going on (sometimes even theater). It also has an exhibition room. And it is the headquarters of the annual event EnTijuanARTE an event that helps promote the local artists of the region. This event takes place every October. 

Tijuana also has a small Wax Museum, it has four thematic rooms, one of them is dedicated to the pre-Hispanic Era, another one dedicated to the history of the city, another one for the Missionary era, It opened in 1993, and it has 80 statues of famous figures of both, national and international recognition, like: Michael Jackson, Pedro Infante, Cantinflas, Porfirio Diaz among other important figures. 

Take a 30 to 60 minutes’ drive south Tijuana and visit a small beautiful town: Playas de Rosarito, and keep driving south for 18 minutes, you will reach Puerto Nuevo, this place is widely recognized for the delicious lobster with rice, beans, tortillas and hot sauce. The style in which is cooked is unique; it also offers a very joyful environment, with mariachi music to cheer you while you eat.

/ Tijuana / Baja California
Real Inn Camino Real
Real Inn Camino Real
Hotel Real Inn Camino Real, Paseo de los Heroes #10305, Zona Rio, C.P. 22010 / Tijuana / Baja California
Centro Zona Rio
Centro Zona Rio
Paseo Centenario #1705, entre Blvd. Cuahutemoc, Netzahualcoyotl , Zona del Rio C.P. 22320 / Tijuana / Baja California
Tijuana Centro
Tijuana Centro
Blvd. Independencia #1220, Zona Urbana Rio, C.P. 22010 / Tijuana / Baja California
Blvd. Independencia #1220 casi esquina Calle Padre Kino, Zona Urbana Rio, C.P. 22010 / Tijuana / Baja California
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